Member Survey #1 Results

INTERIM RESULTS: 20 August 2023 – Seven submissions, and here’s what they report…

American coins 7 100%
American banknotes 2 28%
American exonumia (e.g. tokens, medals) 1 14%
Postage stamps 2 28%
Bullion/precious metals 2 28%
Commemorative coins & notes 3 43%
Error coins & notes 2 28%
Foreign coins & notes 3 43%
Ancient coins (e.g. Roman, Greek) 3 43%
Honorary Mention: US Mint-made foreign coins; Virginia Obsolete Currency
Would you like to connect with Club members who share your interests?
YES 7 100%
Are you willing to share your expertise with the Club?
Yes, including presentations at monthly meetings 2 28%
Yes, to a group or individual(s) seeking help 3 43%
Yes, on-line: by contributing to this website 3 43%

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COIN? (in chronological order)
Silver Athenian owl tetradrachm (~500 BCE) “[An] Athenian Owl Tetradrachm but I don’t own one … yet”
“At this moment, Peru 1836 4 reales” 1836 silver Peruvian 4 reales
1879 proof $4 gold "Stella" “Early proof coins”

[Having some leeway on this, I presume a proof “Stella” would be acceptable–editor]

“1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent” 1909-S VDB cent
1942 UK silver sixpence “1942 English silver sixpence- put in my shoe, when I got married.”
“Kennedy Half Dollars” 1964 John F. Kennedy half dollar
1965 UK Winston Churchill Crown “the 1965 Churchill Crown–the last British coin introduced before decimalization; the first to feature a non-royal”
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